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User's Guide for Builder


Build Trading Strategies For TradeStation® Without Coding



Adaptrade Builder and  TradeStation®

Adaptrade Builder makes it easy to discover, code, and test thousands of unique and complete TradeStation trading strategies in minutes. Builder can discover and code trading systems for automated trading of stocks, futures, forex, ETFs, and other markets on time intervals from tick data to monthly bars. Adaptrade Builder generates complete EasyLanguage® strategy code in open format, ready to be copied into the TradeStation platform for execution.



TradeStation 9 with a trading strategy from Adaptrade Builder


TradeStation is an award-winning trading platform for stocks, futures, forex, and other markets that supports automated trading. Builder has been designed to generate strategy code that can be directly executed in the TradeStation platform, including day trading strategies for automated trading.


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Builder has been designed to read and process files of price data saved directly from a TradeStation price chart, as shown in the figure above. The Builder software includes automatic out-of-sample testing and features designed to increase robustness and prevent over-fitting. After the strategies are built, simply copy the strategy code to the TradeStation Development Environment, as shown below, and press F3 to compile and save.



Strategy code from Builder opened in the TradeStation editor





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