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Privacy Policy...

  1. Any personal information that you submit to Adaptrade Software, including name, address,  phone number, and email address, will not be released to any third party.

  2. You will not receive email announcements or advertisements from Adaptrade Software unless you have (1) requested such information, (2) you have responded in the affirmative to an "opt-in" request from Adaptrade Software, or (3) you have provided your email address to Adaptrade Software through one of our submission pages for that purpose.
  3. If you previously asked to receive information from Adaptrade Software, either directly or by submitting your email address to us in response to our request, but wish to discontinue further emailings or advertisements, you may submit a "remove" request at any time to

If you have any concerns or questions about this privacy policy, please contact Adaptrade Software. Thank you.


Return Policy...

Please see Terms & Conditions for information on returning your software purchase to Adaptrade Software.


Upgrade Policies...

Please keep in mind that licenses and upgrades are two different things. The licenses for Adaptrade Builder and Market System Analyzer (MSA) are lifetime licenses. This means you can use the version you purchased for as long as you want. If you purchased Builder version 2.1, you can use that version indefinitely. Likewise for MSA. The upgrade policy is described below for each product.


Adaptrade Builder: Starting with version 2.0, upgrades are free for one year from the date of purchase. After one year, an annual maintenance contract can be purchased, which will cover all new releases during the maintenance period. The maintenance contract is entirely optional and can be purchased at any time. For older versions (version 1.x), the policy is that all upgrades are free through the end of version 1. In addition, all licensees of version 1.x can upgrade free of charge to version 2.0.1.


Just to be clear, the maintenance fee has no bearing on the license you purchase, which is a lifetime license. If you purchase version 2.1.0, for example, you will be able to use that version for as long as you want without any additional payments. You could also upgrade for free to any version that was released within one year of the date of your purchase. To upgrade to any releases after that time would require purchasing a maintenance contract. The maintenance contract is approximately 20% of the purchase price. An upgrade button is provided in the license area of your online account to allow purchases of the maintenance contract.


Market System Analyzer (MSA): Upgrades for MSA are currently free of charge through version 3.x (e.g., 3.5, 3.6, etc.). If you own a license for MSA version 2, you may upgrade to version 3.x for free; just download the latest version, install, and click the link to submit your registration number for activation. Anyone who only owns a license for 1.x must purchase a current license to download the latest version.


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