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Activate MSA 3


If you currently own a license for MSA 3, you may activate it by submitting the 9-digit registration number from the Trial Mode screen, as shown below. The registration number is unique to each installation and is required to generate the corresponding activation code. The activation code will unlock the trial version and remove the trial screen.


Note: This process is only required for MSA 3. MSA version 4 does not use registration numbers or activation codes. For MSA 4, the licensed version is a separate download; the trial version of MSA 4 cannot be activated.


If you haven't already installed Market System Analyzer (MSA), you may download a trial version of MSA here.


If you need to activate your copy of MSA 3, the MSA Trial window should appear when you run the program, as shown below. Double-click on the 9-digit "Registration Number" in the lower, left-hand corner of the window and copy the number to the clipboard using the Ctrl+C keyboard combination. Finally, paste the registration number into the form below using the Ctrl+V keyboard combination where it says "Registration No. 1".


If also installing on a second computer, paste the registration number for the second computer into the space for "Registration No. 2". Enter your name and email address in the form and click the Submit button to send the registration number to Adaptrade Software for processing. Provided you've already purchased the program and are a valid licensee, the activation code corresponding to the submitted registration number will be generated by Adaptrade Software and emailed back to you as soon as possible.



Registration No. 1:     (Computer #1)
Registration No. 2:     (Computer #2)




For identification purposes, please enter the same email address used when ordering, provided the address is still valid.
Trial Mode screen of MSA


After receiving the 9-digit activation code from Adaptrade Software, return to the Trial Mode screen shown above. Copy the activation code to the space on the screen labeled "Activation Code" and click the Activate button.


Following activation, the software will operate without the trial screen. If there are any problems with the activation, please contact Adaptrade Software.


The registration number/activation code combination is tied to the computer on which the software is installed. If you need to install the software on another computer (e.g., a laptop) or on a new computer, please submit the new registration number above. A new activation code will be generated and returned to you as soon as possible.


Note: Windows 10 updates can cause the registration number to change, which will require a new activation code. If you need a new registration number for this reason, please resubmit the form above with the new registration number. The corresponding activation code will be returned as soon as possible. MSA version 4 (try it here) does not use registration numbers and activation codes and does not require registration for each installation.



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If you are already a customer and have a question about your copy of Market System Analyzer, try our support page.



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