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Adaptrade Software offers a free newsletter with topics of interest to systematic traders, including articles on the technology behind Adaptrade Builder and Market System Analyzer (MSA). The articles are intended to be of interest not only to users of Adaptrade Software's products but to anyone with an interest in technical trading techniques.


To subscribe to the free newsletter, please sign up below. Subscribers receive the newsletter via email along with new product announcements, special offers, and discounts. Special offers and discounts are only available to subscribers. Sign up now to receive discount coupons for purchasing Adaptrade Builder at $100 off the regular price and $100 off the price of MSA.* Your information will not be shared with any third party (see our privacy policy), and Adaptrade Software will honor your "remove" request at any time. Thank you.


The articles appearing in the newsletter are available below. A series of archived articles from The Breakout Bulletin email newsletter is also available below.** Technical indicators, trading strategies, and other items developed for articles from The Breakout Bulletin are available for free download.


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Newsletter Articles

Title Issue
Building New Strategies Every Day for the E-mini S&P Issue 28, 7/21/2018
Strategy Quality Metrics Improve Out-of-Sample Results   Issue 27, 2/26/2018
Variation Operators in Automated Strategy Development  Issue 26, 9/28/2017
True/False Indicators as Entry and Exit Conditions for Trading  Issue 25, 5/27/2017
Building Trading Strategies Using Inter-Market Logic Issue 24, 4/25/2017
Is Your Account Size Large Enough for Your Strategy? Issue 23, 2/26/2016
Preventing Over-Fitting During Optimization Issue 22, 8/28/2015
Is That Back-Test Result Good or Just Lucky? Issue 21, 4/28/2015
Hybrid Neural Network Stop-and-Reverse Strategies for Forex Issue 20, 2/24/2015
Optimal Strategy Diversification Issue 19, 11/24/2014
Methods for Metric-Based Strategy Building Issue 18, 10/28/2014
Short-Term Profit-Based Strategies Issue 17, 9/26/2014
Bar Size as an Optimizable Strategy Parameter Issue 16, 7/28/2014
NinjaScript® for Strategy Traders Issue 15, 5/28/2014
Adaptive-Look-Back Indicators Issue 14, 4/28/2014
Trading Strategy Failure Detection Using Monte Carlo Prediction Issue 13, 6/19/2013
The Sweet Spot for Mean Reversion ETF Strategies Issue 12, 4/27/2013
Stress Testing for Trading Strategy Robustness Issue 11, 3/27/2013
Constraint-Driven Strategy Design Issue 10, 2/23/2013
MetaTrader vs. TradeStation: A Language Comparison Issue 9, 12/18/2012
A High Accuracy Long-Term ETF Strategy Issue 8, 9/26/2012
Multi-Market Techniques for Robust Trading Strategies Issue 7, 8/28/2012
Patience is a Necessity Issue 6, 6/21/2012
Regularization and Strategy Over-Fitting Issue 5, 5/25/2012
Pretesting the Effectiveness of Genetic Programming Issue 4, 4/23/2012
Price Pattern Strategies Issue 3, 1/26/2012
Ideal Trades as Targets for Strategy Development Issue 2, 12/15/2011
Reverse Engineering a Trading Strategy Issue 1, 9/14/2011


Archived Articles from The Breakout Bulletin**

Title Issue
A High Accuracy Long-Term ETF Strategy September 2012
What's Wrong with ATR Stops? December 2011
Intermarket Correlations in the E-mini September 2011
Is Scrambled Data Suitable for Strategy Testing? December 2010
Detecting Nonrandomness in the Markets November 2010
Trend Pattern Prediction System June 2009
The Ins and Outs of Scaling Out March 2009
Do Changing Markets Invalidate Your System? November 2008
Nonlinear Volatility Exits June 2008
Exits for All Occasions December 2007
Automated System Development September 2007
Trading Rules from Statistical Grouping of Indicators December 2006
A Noise Tolerant Money Management Stop August 2006
Dynamic Portfolio Selection June 2006
The Myth of Optimization March 2006
Create Your Own Price Data: Creating and Using Synthetic Price Data. December 2005
Better Optimization in TradeStation, Part 2 June 2005
Optimizing Over Multiple Markets April 2005
A Rapid Prototyping Method for Trading System Development March 2005
Equity Curve Trading Techniques February 2005
Better Optimization in TradeStation November 2004
Nearest Neighbor Analysis; tanh function February 2004
A Neural Network-Inspired Trading System December 2003
Intraday Statistics for the E-mini S&P November 2003
Quantifying Consolidation Patterns August 2003
Fixed Ratio Position Sizing July 2003
Improving the Accuracy of Trading System Evaluations June 2003
The Analogy of System Optimization to Least Squares Regression May 2003
A Statistical Method for Evaluating Trading Systems April 2003
Quantifying Chart-based Support/Resistance Levels March 2003
Dealing with Declining Volatility February 2003
EasyLanguage Techniques January 2003
Dow vs. E-mini S&P December 2002
A Volatility Filter; TradeStation Tips November 2002
Another Look at Intraday Effects October 2002
Exploiting Trade Dependency September 2002
Q & A August 2002
Exits on Day of Entry (intraday effects) July 2002

**The Breakout Bulletin was the email newsletter of Breakout Futures, which was merged with Adaptrade Software in March 2013.


For downloadable files from articles from The Breakout Bulletin, such as trading system and indicator code, please visit the associated download page.

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